Magnaflux service done in house

Back in 1998 we bought our first Magnaflux machine. We did this because we were having a hard time with the turn around times the places we giving us when we needed our parts checked. Since then we have found places on parts that we never even thought to look at before. Making us able [...]

Machine Shop: Weld Case Gussets

with our heavy duty gussets, case strength and longevity will be increased.

Machine Shop: Modify Gear Carrier for Mid-Mount

We offer the correctly milled gear carriers for use with our 1/4″ thick super heavy duty mid mount plates. This gives your transaxle  secure mounting position and added strength.  Most other mounts are made from thinner 3/16″ plate.

Machine Shop: Clearance for Gears

depending on your particular gear choices clearancing for proper fit is performed in house for the correct fit.

Machine Shop: Modify Bus Bellhousings

we modify bus bellhousings in house to accept the more common style vw starters.