Here at R.C. Trans we get a lot of requests for building 091 bus gear boxes. Here is a great example of a built 091 for a sand rail. We have done a great deal to the transaxle to beef it up to handle more horse power. Welding gussets to the case to stiffen the [...]


Here at R.C. Trans we get a lot of calls to build the Gene Berg 5 speed transaxles for customers. We have spent a lot of time fine tuning the kits to give the longest life for our customers. Adding vent holes and lubrication holes give the gear box plenty of help for the high [...]

Magnaflux service done in house

Back in 1998 we bought our first Magnaflux machine. We did this because we were having a hard time with the turn around times the places we giving us when we needed our parts checked. Since then we have found places on parts that we never even thought to look at before. Making us able [...]

Class nine heavy duty axle tubes

One of the big problems that the class nine cars have been having for years is that they will bend their axle tubes every race. We went about at addressing this problem many years ago to make our customers trans axles better than the rest. We have been asked many times to sell other builders [...]

Vanagon trans modified for a Subaru power plant

We have done many rebuilds and modifications to the vanagon trans. One of the most popular things happening right now is to install the Subaru engine in your 84-91 vanagon. With the upgraded new adapter bell housing the insulation is a snap. We perform out quality rebuild on the transaxle, the re-gear the third and [...]

Automatic trans brake system

We have been approached many time to perform upgrades to the 010 and 003 automatics that are becoming very popular in sand and drag racing circles. One of the many things we have modified in the automatics is the use of a trans brake. This addition to our already performance automatics makes a drag car [...]


We can rebuild your gearbox or build you a new one from scratch. We start out with a rhino case then steel sleeve the pinion bore, making it stronger than stock. We work with you to hand pick the ratios that will work best with your race program. Taking in account your cars weight, single [...]

The New Replacement Mendeola Case

no more cracking or questionable materials here read more….

Randy’s Buckshot

This is randy’s buckshot that uses an RC Trans built  Mendeola s-4 sequential transaxle. The car rides on RC Trans prepped  King 2.5′s coilover and triple by-pass shocks.

Albins transaxles

Complete Transaxles

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Albins transaxles

when you need the ultimate transaxle albins is the answer! rc trans is an authorized albins dealer. The AGB Gen1 has a massive 11.5″ Crownwheel to withstand the punishment of Off Road with high horsepower. It is available in either 5 or 6 speed “H” pattern Synchromesh shift. Contact us for a full list of [...]