Shifters: Sequential

You don’t have no stinking “h” pattern. Ok we’ve got those too. Mendeola, Albin, and Hargett precision are here to get you rocking back and forth. We made sure to stock those too. No use having a sequential without a cool shifter to grab on to.

Shifters: 5 Speed

Whats that you say…. You have more than 4 gears. That’s ok we have you covered too. we carry shifter that will get all 5 of your gears in line. Fortin, kartek, gene berg, and hargett machine are who we can supply you with.

Shifters: 4 Speed

Ok you now have one of our performance transaxles, how do get it all to work. We have what you need. We stock a complete line of quality shifters. Just what you need for your stock bug all the way up to the dual sport 700 horse power sand rails. We have secured the likes [...]