Class nine heavy duty axle tubes

One of the big problems that the class nine cars have been having for years is that they will bend their axle tubes every race. We went about at addressing this problem many years ago to make our customers trans axles better than the rest. We have been asked many times to sell other builders [...]


We can rebuild your gearbox or build you a new one from scratch. We start out with a rhino case then steel sleeve the pinion bore, making it stronger than stock. We work with you to hand pick the ratios that will work best with your race program. Taking in account your cars weight, single [...]

Weddle Performance Parts: Main Shafts

weddle has set the bar in quality gearsets. available in several ratios and styles to suite your application.

Weddle Performance Parts: Ring & Pinions

weddle ring and pinions are made of the highest quality materials and are properly designed for todays power levels and abuse.

Weddle Performance Parts: Aluminum Gear Carriers

with the new all aluminum weddle gear carriers you have the choice of a brand new part with designed for todays performance levels.

Weddle Performance Parts: 3rd Gear Sets

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Weddle Performance Parts: 4th Gear Sets

custom ratios available

Weddle Performance Parts: Side Covers

weddle side covers are the ultimate addition to the strength of your gear box. these are correctly engineered in critcal areas unlike the “other” guys cheap copies fail. insist on weddle quality!

Chromoly Tube Stiffeners for swingaxles

extra heavy duty chromoly tube stiffeners will greatly extend the life of your tubes. made in house to your specs!

New And Rebuilt Nose Cones

new or rebuilt nose cones will eliminate slop and  insure correct shifts and a tighter shifter feel.