Rob MacCachren brought his Alumi-craft pre-runner down for us to put our prep skill to work. He is getting ready to pre-run the baja 1000 and wanted to make sure his pre-runner was up to the task. We went to work right away on his car knowing that he had a quickly approachingĀ  dead line. The front end was torn down and all hiems and uni-balls were replaced. The rear end was also torn down and had all of the bushings and hiems replaced. Next the cv joints and axles were cleaned and magnafluxed to make sure the pre-run went smoothly. Parts were replaced as needed and carefully checked if reused. The car was then put back together with loving care, and skill to make sure it would be up to the quality Rob MacCachren was looking for. We didn’t let him down. When he picked up this car he headed the next day to start pre-running for the 1000. Glad we could help


cv joint and rear arms freshly prepped


side view of rob car

front end all rebuilt with new hiems

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