Dave Spevell brought his car in to have the mendeola s-4

rear view of Daves car

serviced. He had reported strange noises coming out of the trans when it was under load. He knew it was time to come see us and have us work our magic on his car. We removed the engine and trans axle, then disassembled the trans to find that the ring and pinion and 3rd gear was bad. We magnafluxed and inspected all parts. With a standard service we replaced all bad parts and seals. Then set forward and went to work at trying to make the trans better than when it was built new. Once we got the trans finished we reinstalled the trans and engine. Dave wanted to improve the way his clutch worked so we installed on of our special slave cylinder relocation mount. This makes the slave cylinder have to arch less greatly reducing the wear on the slave cylinder and the throw out arm and bushing.

front view of Daves car

freshly service mendeola s-4 trans with our slave cylinder relocation mount


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