Don Parker brought his car in to have us go thru the CV joints and the trans. We went to work and found a lot of problems that his car was having. The rear suspension was traveling to far and pulling the CV joints apart and had bent the axles. The clutch was in bad shape, rusted and full of sand. Then we looked into the trans, Ouch. The trans was hurt to say the least. It required us to do the complete work up on it. We had to replace: case, ring and pinion, 1-4 gears, hubs and bearings. Don wanted to makeĀ  sure he would not have to deal with this again, so he gave us the go ahead to do everything we could to make it better, and did we. New Deco case plumbed for oil squirters. All gears were radiused and matched. The ring and pinion was polished and radiused. The shift rails were micro polished and smoothed to a mirror finish.

We then went to work putting it all back together again. The trans was plumbed for the oil squirters, pump and filter. The CV joints and axles were replaced, and the rear suspension was limited to keep the angles in check. We put it all back together with the special care needed to make sure it would give Don many hours of fun and hassle free enjoyment in the sand dunes of north America

Don Parkers good looking car

New CV joints and axles

filter and oil sprayers

The newly installed oil plump and filter system

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