Class nine heavy duty axle tubes

One of the big problems that the class nine cars have been having for years is that they will bend their axle tubes every race. We went about at addressing this problem many years ago to make our customers trans axles better than the rest. We have been asked many times to sell other builders and the do-it-yourselfers our heavy duty tubes. So we have been making up quite a few sets to have in stock for everyone. We start with heavy wall tubing then machine the bell and end casting to press on. We add the billet axle tube flanges and solid axle boots to give you the best non-leaking set that you can have. With our tubes you can rest assured that a bent axle tube will never cause you to not finish a race or bend an axle.

Class 9 heavy duty axle tubes from R.C. trans

Billet axle tube flanges and 1 piece axle boots. Say good bye to leaks

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